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Chicago Door Accessibility Visualization


Traveling around Chicago in a wheelchair

The Project

Between Jan 10th & Feb 8th 2019, I collected data points about my travel throughout the city of Chicago. I noted my mode of travel, duration of the trip, and noted how accessible places I visited were. I used Google’s timeline history to pull exact travel times.
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Automatic doors provide greater accessibility. As a wheelchair user I tracked every door I went through in over 4 weeks, and counted automatic doors.

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Often, I’d use the same doors multiple times. Over 29 days, 37 times I used a business without a button. That is at least one obstacle a day.

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A lack of barriers forces a decision for wheelchair users - either they must rely on others, or stay at home.

Only 12% of restaurants and bars I visited had a button.

A simple button missing can cause negative social impact


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