UX Designer | Chicago


I enjoy speaking about design, and sharing what I know with the community


I’ve had the privilege to share my knowledge with others in the design community, and several Chicago organizations. I enjoy public speaking and getting to hear other’s thoughts on many topics. I’m always looking for more opportunities to speak. Just give me a shout!

For additional information: https://noti.st/lizdavistalks

Places I’ve spoken

  • The Field Museum - Consultant

  • Chicago Architecture Center - Lunch & Learn Talk

  • Chicago Cultural Accessibility Consortium - Off the Record Panel

  • A11yChi Camp - Speaker

  • A11y Talks - Speaker

  • Options Clearing Corporation (OOC) - Lunch & Learn Panel


Talks I’ve given


Speaker at Chicago A11y Camp 2018

At the full day camp I spoke about how to build great rapport for people with disabilities in your design research, and how including a wider range of people in your design can create a more inclusive experience.

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 10.26.23 PM.png

A11y Talks - Practical Ways to Include people with disabilities

My talk focused on practical ways for UX researchers, product managers and anyone involved in the design process to recruit people with disabilities.


Lunch & Learn at IDEO

At IDEO in Chicago I spoke about how to be more inclusive for people with disabilities. My experience within the disability community has given me a unique perspective about how bad design creates exclusions for many people, and how including people with disabilities can help close these gaps.